About This Blog

This blog is written for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to improve their digital marketing techniques.  This blog is for you if you:

  • Want to drive more traffic to your website, but don’t know how.
  • Want to be more visible in search engines, but need some help.
  • Want to make more people aware of your brand, and need some easy to apply strategies.

My combined background in digital marketing and educational technology has inspired this blog to be made of

  • Concise and easy to read posts
  • Links to expanded content
  • Strategies that are low budget or free


About Me


In addition to being a marketer and educator, I am also a photographer and love to travel.  I have lived in Mexico, Italy, and Brazil and speak Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.  

I have a fine art travel and portrait photography business that can be found at www.brynhafephotography.com.  The strategies that I research to market my photography are written about on this blog.

If you want me to reference your work in a post, or want to work with me on a project, you can contact me using my contact form.  You can also reach me through LinkedIn.  I usually respond within 24 hours.