Hi, I'm Bryn Hafemeister.

Bryn Hafemeister

I have a life long passion for languages and culture.  I've lived in Mexico, Italy, and Brazil.  And I am fluent in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


I started working in cross-cultural education in 1999.  I was barely old enough to vote, but I knew that if we all understood each other better, we'd all get along better.  


I've also worked in technology integration in education, because if done well, tech can improve outcomes on so many levels.  


Do you want to know more about my professional background?


I'm also passionate about travel and making photos.

I specialize in street and travel photography.


I maintain a blog of long-form collaborative interviews with other photographers where we chat about the how and the why of photography.


These talented and incredibly generous photographers give tips on how anyone can make better photos.