Top 13 Resources For Inbound Digital Marketing

Laptop, smart phone, pad of paper, pen, glass of water

Technology applications, extensions, and add ons are a running theme throughout this blog.  There are several that I use regularly. Below is a baker’s dozen list of my favorites.   (If you like this list, and want to see more, sign up here.)   1.  MozBar Extension The Mozbar extension allows to you look at the […]

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3 Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategies

Hand holding a smart phone with Twitter open

Twitter is quite an amazing platform considering it’s fluidity and conversational nature.  Due to Twitter’s simplicity, it is possible to grow a large organic following. Through the 3 advanced uses discussed in this post, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool. Engage with Twitter Cards Twitter Cards are an excellent way to embed more information in your tweet, […]

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How to Increase Engagement with Content Marketing

Image by Jakob Owens, taken from Engagement is key to content marketing

Content marketing is what will make the difference in your marketing plan. This post looks at how to increase engagement with shorter content, higher quality content, and interactive content. From a client’s perspective, one of the central benefits of content marketing is that it empowers the client to feel more educated about the type of product that […]

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Importance of Community Marketing

Community Marketing is So Important for Engagement

The importance of community marketing should be intuitive.  After all, networks of friends and family are what most people plug into when making purchasing decisions. However, digging deeper into this topic, there are several things that are important to consider. Measure Brand Perception While Community Marketing If you are going to get people to organically promote your product, […]

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Differentiating Copy for Social Marketing A/B Testing

How can a social marketing plan mature the variation of copy for different audiences? This is the question that I found myself pondering after I received feedback from my previous two posts on (1) the ideas of A/B testing and (2) content generation for a specific industry.  Both posts were introductions to the idea of a strategic […]

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