3 Tiers of Technology Integration in Education

Photo by  Bundo Kim

Photo by Bundo Kim


Technology integration in education has the potential to revolutionize what education looks like, and has the potential to make an educator's work more enjoyable and more effective.

I recently took a look at the 3 Tiers of Technology Integration as outlined by the State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and made their detailed description into an infographic.

As you read over the linked material, and the below infographic, remember that all tiers of technology integration are important.  If a teacher is observed only using Tier 1 in a lesson, that may be what is needed at that time. Though, a goal of true technology integration in education should be to address all 3 tiers in various situations.  I you like the infographic, and want it in a larger format, see here.

Technology Integration Means.jpeg