How to Increase Engagement with Content Marketing

Image by Jakob Owens, taken from Engagement is key to content marketing

Content marketing is what will make the difference in your marketing plan. This post looks at how to increase engagement with shorter content, higher quality content, and interactive content.

From a client’s perspective, one of the central benefits of content marketing is that it empowers the client to feel more educated about the type of product that you are selling, and feel inspired about the brand that you are promoting.  From the marketers perspective, engagement, inspiration, and passion are how to grow a client base.

But… how do you inspire to engagement and passion when, at many times, we can all feel like we are on information overload?

Strive for Shorter Content

To inspire to engagement and passion, it is important to give your clients information in digestible chunks.  If you are writing a blog, do not write more than a few lines per paragraph.  Also, make sure that the reader can get the main points of the blog post by scanning the sub-headings.  If you are pushing out a video on social media, see how much interest and quality information you can deliver in the first 5-10 seconds of the video.

To exemplify a blog post, I am striving for this style in this very post.  For a great example of how compact, yet entertaining a video can be, see this 1-minute Facebook video by Nas Daily.

Nas Daily Video gives examples of compact content marketing
Image taken from Nas Daily Facebook Page

Quality Content is Key

If you are going to be brief with your content, you need to be more impactful with quality content.  To illustrate this point, think of the last time you went to YouTube.  You were so excited about seeing a video!

But then there was a display ad just before your choice content.

You had to wait 3 entire seconds before you could move on.  And think how long those three seconds were!

On YouTube, 3 seconds is all the time that a video ad has to engage a viewer before they can opt to move on.  This makes the impact of the first 3 seconds supremely important.  A Locowise study came to the same conclusion about Facebook videos.

Your goal is to inspire your potential clients to be greater with your brand.  Make sure that these first three seconds, and entire length of the content bite-sized content, engages, inspires, and impassions your potential clients they will be closer to purchasing and advocating your brand.

Interactive Content is Essential

Engagement in marketing is the very reason why you need to keep your content brief and of high quality.  As described by Jeff Bullas in this article,

What better engagement than if you can make content interactive!

I’m sure you’re thinking that it would be great if you could get your content to jump off of the screen, right?!?


Developers and investors have been making headway in recent years in affordable virtual reality headsets.  Google wowed millions when it launched Cardboard, an affordable virtual reality headset made out of… yes… cardboard.  Months after learning about cardboard, the New York Times mailed me, and 1,000,000 other users, a free cardboard headset with the URL to access the NYT app for their virtual reality content.  And this is how they made their content leap off the screen!

If you can’t send a Cardboard headset to potential clients, Bullas recommends interactive infographics. For an example of what these look like, see this example from ThingLink.

Interactive infographics are a great way to increase engagement with content marketing
Image taken from

Concluding Remarks

As you keep content marketing in mind to support your business goals, remember the 3 strategies made in this blog post:

  1. Strive for shorter content
  2. Quality content is key
  3. Interactive content is essential

Be sure to track your analytics as you focus your content marketing on these 3 strategies as you push it to your social media, and post it on your website.  I, and many other marketers are convinced that you will be impressed with the results.

If you have any feedback on the ideas in this post, please post them in the comments section below, or Tweet me @brynhafemeister.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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